Prototyping Sounds

Response Julian Treasure
Thursday, 7. November - 10:20 am

Not only do sounds and noises have an immediate effect on us – they can act as warnings and help to orient us, they can be pleasant or unnerving – and they affect our behaviour accordingly. Julian Treasure, sound adviser, chairman of the firm “Sound Agency”, and author of the book “Sound Business” presents the opportunities, chances and effects of acoustically designing our surroundings and speaks about how to enhance businesses with sound design in public spaces.

Julian Treasure

Julian Treasure, sound designer, musician, author and businessman. Author of the book "Sound Business", CEO of the "Sound Agency", an English sound consulting firm with customers such as BP, Harrods, Nokia, Honda, Nestlé and BAA. In his work he tries to optimise sound design, adjust it to the particular needs and harmonize it with visual strategies. Lives and works in Surrey.