Martin Daske – Unwritten

In Concert Stage 2
Tuesday, 5. November - 8:30 pm

With bass clarinet and accordion the composer presents a cross-section of his musical universe: from three-dimensional notation to writing sounds like typewriter, goose quill and smoke signals – “Unwritten” - the decomposition and recomposition of the act of notation becomes a fictitious river journey. This acoustic aleatoric water map is at once absorbed and balanced between permanence of the object and the elusiveness of music.

Martin Daske

composer, sound artist and musician. Studied composition at Dartmouth College, USA, under Christian Wolff, as well as in Krakow and at the Mozarteum Salzburg under Boguslaw Schaeffer. In addition to his “normal” composition work, Daske developed a form of three-dimensional notation ("folianten") and another one in 2010 ("Notensetzen"). Various radio plays and other radio works, most recently: “... und er zerdrückte weinend das Wölkchen der Zeit“ (2012), sound installations, most recently: “Memoiren eines Echonebels“ (2010), theatre and film scores. As a second generation disciple of John Cage, Martin Daske perceives the accidental, the profane and the casual as an opportunity to produce new, unconsumed sound patterns. His compositions change increasingly from one-dimensionality to multi-dimensionality and they are not a fixed end product, but a permanent invitation to the interpreters to “play” with the given musical material.

Matthias Badczong

studied clarinet under Professor Joseph Oehl at the Carl Maria von Weber University of Music in Dresden from 1988 to 1993. Since 1993 Matthias Badczong has been working as a freelancer in Berlin. In addition to his activities in various orchestras and ensembles, he primarily devotes himself to chamber music and the interpretation of contemporary music.

Christine Paté

born in Lyon, studied music at “Conservatoire National“. Won several competitions and continued her studies with Prof. Hugo Noth in Trossingen from 1990 to 1993. She has given international concerts as a soloist and chamber musician in diverse line-ups.