Choreography of sound

Ten years of ARD Hörspieltage - a small, but great jubilee. This creation by the broadcasting directors of ARD and Deutschland Radio has developed into the most prominent festival of extended radio drama in the German-speaking world. To mark this anniversary, ARD Hörspieltage presents two very unique projects: The first Hörspiel by theatre director, choreographer, scenographer and author Robert Wilson - and the symposium “Choreography Of Sound - Between Abstraction and Narration”.

The symposium invites national and international artists, academics and dramaturgs to think about the materials that make up the Hörspiel: Sound and noise, voice and music. The team around the two curators Gaby Hartel and Marie-Louise Goerke has worked intensively to put together a rich programme.  To extend the Hörspiel and make possible the meeting of different art forms is the goal and possible outcome. Through this exchange between references and presentations we are confident that new ideas and observable impulses specific to Radio Art will emerge.

This symposium, along with the Hörspieltage as they exist today would not be possible without the support of long-time partner ZKM | Centre for Art and Media technology and Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design. They deserve special thanks - as does the German Federal Cultural Foundation who has included the symposium and Robert Wilson’s Höspiel project in their funding programme.

Ekkehard Skoruppa (SWR2) and Hans Sarkowicz (hr2 Kultur)

- Artistic direction -