Sparks In the Air – Words & sounds as narration

Panel Hörspiel/Dramaturgie
Tuesday, 5. November - 5:30 pm

With: Martine Müller-Wallraf, Kaye Mortley, Kate Rowland, Mark Ravenhill and Herbert Kapfer
Moderator: Jenni Zylka
The Hörspiel (Extended Radio Drama) is Radio's very own creation: it dispenses with an immense density of creative possibilities.  From fleeting mediums like sound, noise, language, rhythm, conversation and music, classical and inventive forms of storytelling are deployed, thoughts are shaped and spaces are conceived, both private and public. As abstract as the starting material may seem – the effect is tangible, consequential and concrete. This powerful atmospheric that currently moves the arts across all boundaries of genre, has its origin in the Hörspiel. What ignites its narrative spark?