Music Only?

Panel Music
Wednesday, 6. November - 11:30 am

With: Daniel Teruggi, Thomas Meinecke, Hans Burkhard Schlichting and Martin Daske

Some say that music stands for pure emotion – when it gets under the skin and brings the listener to laughter or tears. Parallel to this, there exists an intellectual school of composition that “coolly” occupies itself with abstract subjects, materials and structural motifs. Both these forms meet in sound art and Hörspiel. In classical Hörspiel, music shapes the background and forms the narrative’s audible substructure. It can present either a counterpoint to the story or emphasise its themes. Through editing and montage it incites instantaneous associations. Music as a material extends the scope of sound for the listener. But does all that exhaust its role? Surely not. Here we will speak of differences, parallels and connections that are more complex than they seem.