Choreography Of Sound

Ten years of ARD Hörspieltage - a small, but great jubilee.

This creation by the broadcasting directors of ARD and Deutschland Radio has developed into the most prominent festival of extended radio drama in the German-speaking world. To mark this anniversary, ARD Hörspieltage presents two very unique projects: The first Hörspiel by theatre director, choreographer, scenographer and author Robert Wilson - and the symposium “Choreography Of Sound - Between Abstraction and Narration”. [more]

Ekkehard Skoruppa (SWR2) and Hans Sarkowicz (hr2 Kultur)
- Artistic direction -


Choreography Of Sound – Between Abstraction and Narration
A Symposium

One hundred years ago, in March 1913, Luigi Russolo in his emphatic manifesto “L’arte dei rumori” called for the expansion of discourse surrounding the acoustic arts. As a result of the emphatic gesture with which Russolo elevated noise into the realm of music, it is often forgotten that as early as the 17th century Orlando Gibbons had walked the streets of London with open ears and used everyday sounds as composition material in his “Cries of London”. Evidently, a quick glance at cultural history illustrates how art’s interest in the acoustic, the immaterial and the atmospheric is cyclical and comes in waves.  [more]

Gaby Hartel und Marie-Luise Goerke